Obituary: Barry Bagg-Head, the boxer who never took off his gloves

Obituary: Barry Bagg-Head, the boxer who never took off his gloves

Liverpool boxer Barry Bagg-Head has passed away, his life cut tragically short after falling to his death at the age of 37.

And though Barry never faced off against names like Tyson, Lewis, Fury or Joshua as he so desperately dreamed, he will go down alongside the biggest names in Liverpool boxing history, as Barry found fame for never taking his gloves off.

Barry was given his first pair of boxing gloves by his Nan for Christmas when he was aged nine, recounting that she thought they were a pair of mittens. Once they were on they never came off; he notoriously won his first ever match by default when his opponent got fed-up and went home after Barry spent half an hour trying to tie his shoelaces.

Barry’s spirit was strong, always returning to the ring whenever a trainer told him he would never make it as a professional. The reason, they all said, was that he was simply too thin on account of him finding it close to impossible to hold his knife and fork properly at dinner.

Police were famously called to Yo! Sushi in Liverpool One last year when Barry leaned over the conveyor belt to try and grab an avocado maki, only to accidentally knock several bowls into the laps of the surrounding diners, sparking an eight-man brawl.

Barry’s fatal fall took place from the top of the Royal Liver Building on Saturday afternoon, where he and a team of friends were looking to abseil down the side of the structure to raise money for charity. Walking toward his designated rope, Barry tragically slipped on a banana skin and fell over the side to his doom.

Barry Bagg-Head is survived by the 47 children he had with his girlfriend Olivia, who told us they had so many because she got fed up waiting for him to unwrap his condoms.

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