New bar opens on [Bold/Berry/Castle/Seel Street – DELETE AS APPROPRIATE]

New bar opens on [Bold/Berry/Castle/Seel Street – DELETE AS APPROPRIATE]

Hi James,

Hope you’re settling in OK and enjoying your first week as our new intern. We’ll come over the other side of the office and talk to you soon, promise!

RE assignment discussed just now in the meeting, please find attached the new bar template for the cool bits of Liverpool. Just fill in the blanks and publish and you’ll be one step closer to realising your dream of becoming a journalist. Will discuss payment when am back from my two-month holiday.

All the best,


A radical new social bar concept is set to open on [Bold/Berry/Castle/Seel Street – DELETE AS APPROPRIATE] which promises to totally reinvent the way locals experience a night out in the city.

The bar promises to feature a totally incredible [Instagrammable cocktail named after ‘80s cartoon] enhanced by a stunning [wacky artwork].

Accompanying the majestic and original drinks menu will be a choice of [vegan canapes] to complement the retro [ping pong table/fax machine/Time Crisis cabinet] to guarantee an explosive evening experience the city has never seen before.

Creator of the [quirky name] concept, [conglomerate/hipster] believes they’re set to take the city by storm before the unit is taken over in three months by [crowdfunded restaurant/debt collector].

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