Liverpool’s Channel 4 bid in jeopardy after admin blunder

Administrative error ruins Liverpool’s Channel 4 bid

An administrative error has seen the council send their bid to house Channel 4 to the wrong broadcaster, a source close to the deal tells us.

Pressing the ‘4’ key twice by accident when writing up the proposal notes, admin assistant Mavis Bonehead sent the council’s “compelling bid” for Channel 4 to set up shop in the city to Channel 44 instead, home of Channel 5 +1.

Channel 44 say they have swiftly accepted the proposal, potentially locking Liverpool into a decades-long multi-million-pound media partnership with a station that repeats Channel 5’s ‘greatest hits’ an hour after they’ve already been seen.

Instead of being part of exciting new media projects including hard-hitting documentaries, ground-breaking comedy shows, heart-stopping dramas and more, Liverpool will now be the home of repeats of Cannon and Ball go to Africa and Jane McDonald’s Pilates Hour.

Image by distillated [CC BY-SA 2.0] from Flickr.

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