Is Williamson Square fountain set for a ‘souper’ sponsorship deal?

Is Liverpool's Williamson Square fountain set for a 'souper' sponsorship deal?

If you’re expecting to see the fountain at Williamson Square shoot jets of water into the air this summer, then you may be disappointed.

Sources have suggested to PortHub that, in a bid to combat cuts from central government, the council may be on the verge of striking a ground-breaking sponsorship agreement with Cup a Soup manufacturers Batchelors, which will see boiling hot jets of their latest soup flavours spurt from the ground instead of cool, refreshing streams of water.

If the new partnership does indeed go ahead, Williamson Square’s fountain may be used to trial Batchelors’ latest experimental flavours in the city before the soups are fully rolled out across the country. New flavours expected to be trialled could include King Prawn and Sweet Chilli, Egg and Bacon, and Baby Seagull.

Whichever flavours may be trialled in any potential deal with the council, both parties will have to make sure that mistakes are learned from last year’s similar partnership between Baxters and the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, where a rogue crouton blocked up the outlets in City Park’s Mirror Pool causing a dangerous build-up of Mulligatawny and Butternut Squash Risotto across West Yorkshire county’s sewage system.

Main image by George M. Groutas [CC BY 2.0] from Flickr.

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