Welcome to the new site!

Welcome to the new Meddy media website!

Hurrah! After six weeks of fiddling and faffing around with WordPress we’ve finally got the new site live.

And we’re really happy with it, too. Over the years we’ve hopped around a bit, experimenting with Squarespace and different WordPress themes.

Nothing really felt right though and we didn’t think we could express ourselves as creatively as we could with the options we tried.

Until we found the Fortun theme; though it took a bit of time for us to get our heads around it, we really enjoyed the challenge of digging deep into the options it offered and are happy with the end result.

This new theme and approach will allow us to be a bit more creative with Meddy Media, especially when it comes to producing and publishing our own short stories.

Getting it live was the last thing on our list for 2018, and we’re glad we met deadline the week before Christmas.

Expect to hear a lot from us in 2019; until then we wish you all a massive thanks for your support, and hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

John Meadowcroft

I'm John, owner of Meddy Media. Like what you've just read? Get in touch and let's chat.

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