Ending a project can be sad, but a good thing, too

Ending a project can be sad, but a good thing, too

I’ve recently archived two projects that I spent the last few years on, Wirral Way and PortHub.

Wirral Way was myself wandering around the Paradise Peninsula, Dictaphone in hand and smartphone primed, discovering people who were working on amazing projects and had incredible stories to tell.

I met a man who had rescued a three-legged cat as a holiday rep and learned of his struggles to bring him home; the acting student who has a real shot at superstardom; the burlesque troupe who were bringing sass and style to Wirral’s fitness scene, and many other wonderful souls.

PortHub on the other hand was wildly different. I got a couple of pieces published in Viz Comic around a decade ago, and anyone who knows me knows what an incredibly important part of my life Viz was growing up (and still is).

So I thought I’d give it a go myself. With the help of my favourite local illustrator Jodie, we created an entire news team of numpties, focusing on the things that weren’t happening in Liverpool.

PortHub covered the Russian bots who had hacked a local chippy; Jurgen Klopp’s incredible metabolism; the hidden faces on local landmarks you may have missed, and other shite.

Though both great labours of love, Wirral Way and PortHub are now essentially closed, with the posts from each site now housed here on Meddy Media.

When one door closes…

So why close the sites down? For the past six months I’ve felt an incredible guilt around both sites. Wirral Way hasn’t been updated in over two years but has a Facebook following of nearly 1,800 locals, and PortHub has been waylaid for client work since October 2018.

It made the most sense to close Wirral Way; I no longer live on the Wirral and am now over the water. I simply can’t commit the time to it as I’d like to it, so it’s sadly reached its natural conclusion.

PortHub‘s a different story. Rents are high here in Liverpool and council tax is rising… Paid work simply has to take precedence at the moment, and it simply wasn’t getting the traction I had hoped for.

I thought I’d feel a lot more upset than I am, but I feel a weight’s been lifted in a way, especially as each blog had its own website with investment going into branding, social promotion and more.

There’s always been a “what if?” there; officially closing both projects and moving them over here makes my writing portfolio look stronger and more diverse.

At the same time, too, the projects may be closed but the ideas aren’t dead. If I think of something fun to write that fits PortHub’s style, I can post it here. The same for Wirral Way, if I find something that I think deserves more coverage than it’s currently getting.

The cull has helped me to focus more and realign for what to do now and for the immediate future with Meddy Media, which is something I’ve needed to do on a personal level for a good while.

Wirral Way and PortHub have helped me to get to that point, and they’re projects I’ll always look on fondly.

Creativity never stops, though. There will be other projects to come that fully unleash all the lessons I’ve learned from them over the years. Watch this space.  

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