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News, features, interviews, product previews and reviews… I first cut my teeth in journalism in 2007 and have since contributed to local publications, national print magazines and online blog projects. I’ve even set up my own blogs, hitting the streets with mic in hand to uncover local interest stories that, I feel, are going unreported in today’s digital-first landscape.

There’s nothing more fulfilling and – frankly – fun to me than interviewing people; talking to locals about issues that matter to them and people working on exciting projects is incredibly rewarding. The only thing more rewarding is seeing it live as piece of news or long-form feature, and getting the word out to audiences who really appreciate what’s happening in their world.


Writing long-form features is my idea of fun. I love getting in touch with different people to gather information and get their side of the story, collecting everything to paint a picture that truly informs as well as entertains readers.


I like to keep my ear close to the ground, on a local level and in certain specialist industries. I can help you inform your readers about what’s happening in their area or in a specialist industry that’s close to their hearts.


Interviews are my favourite thing to do. I’ve interviewed a range of people from figureheads in specialist industries to local people with fascinating stories to tell. I believe I have a unique style that helps people open up.

I'm especially good at...

Over the last decade, in both my journalistic endeavours and working on content marketing campaigns, I’ve focused on certain industries. These include (but aren’t limited to):

My specialities
  • The North West
  • Video gaming
  • Gadgets and tech
  • Sports (mainly football)
A few more
  • Lifestyle and pop culture
  • Comedy
  • Multimedia
  • Digital marketing

Want me to write for your paper, magazine or blog?

I'm always open to contributing to new titles. Get in touch!