Conquer Facebook’s new algorithm by keeping your ad copy short and sweet

Conquer Facebook’s new algorithm by keeping your ad copy short and sweet

Facebook is changing its algorithm on 19 August.

It’ll affect the way you advertise on the social network. Your audience will now only see the first three lines of your ad’s primary text in their news feed. Copy after those three lines will be hidden by a ‘See More’ prompt.

There are also changes to how images are displayed, according to Social Media Today, but we think the copy element will be the biggest challenge facing Facebook advertisers.

Three lines of copy is less than it sounds, especially if you’re targeting mobile Facebook users. That’s approximately 25 words – the same as this paragraph.

How do you promote your business, services and products in such a small space?

Let Facebook do all the work

The answer is you don’t need to.

If people want to find out more about who you are and what you do, they’ll visit your website or explore your Facebook Page.

Paid Facebook ads are designed to do a million-and-one things for you, from increasing traffic to your website to collecting lead data and making people aware of local events.

(Don’t forget, Facebook wants you to spend your ad budget on their ads. They even have guides on their business section outlining exactly what you get for your money.)

In that sense, Facebook is doing all the work for you. Their lead ads, for instance; if somebody is interested in your ad and click on it, a form will pop up for them to fill in their data.

Your job is to get those people interested enough to engage with your ad and follow up on their interest.

Keep it short and sweet

How do you create short and sweet Facebook ad copy?

If you think 25 words is too short, then take a look at this study from AdEspresso and HubSpot.

Analysing more than 100,000 Facebook paid ads in 2017, they found that the most popular headline length was four words with description length 15.

Why? Because short, punchy copy is attractive. It gets your message across without diluting it. Great copy can hook your target audience in seconds.

Facebook seems to agree. Part of the reason they’re making this change is to ‘drive increased ad effectiveness’.  (Don’t forget, they want you to spend money with them, after all.)

So, how do you create short and sweet Facebook ad copy? Well, that depends.

No ad campaign is ever the same. Do you know what your audience looks like? What demographics are you targeting on Facebook? Do you want fresh leads or full-on product sales further down your sales funnel?

The more you plan, prepare and test your Facebook campaigns, the more likely you are to see better results from your ad spend.

Copy is just one part of that equation. You can make a good start, though, by making sure your Facebook ad copy:

  • Solves a problem your audience has.
  • Gets across the value of what you’re advertising.
  • Features a strong call to action.
  • Is relevant to the people you’re targeting.
  • Complements the image you’re using.
  • Is consistent with your business’s tone of voice.

Or, alternatively, you could outsource your social media copy to me! Contact John today to get strong social media ad copy for your business.

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