About Meddy Media

I love writing more than anything

Original journalistic writing

If you’ve made it this far then you must be interested in what I have to say.

Time to whip out the big guns; I’ve freelanced for some of the UK’s largest publishing houses over the years, with my scribblings appearing in publications ranging from local blogs and magazines to national brands.

There’s nothing more thrilling to me than discovering a story and telling it to the world.

Creative content marketing

Looking to better connect with customers, boost your overall sales potential and more? I provide marketing agencies and brands with copywriting and content marketing services.

I’ve worked with HubSpot-accredited agencies and national high-street brands, and can either slip straight into your existing content strategy or cook up a totally bespoke content plan for you.

About John Meadowcroft

John Meadowcroft

I’m a writer with over a decade’s experience producing a wide variety of written content.

I’ve contributed to some of the UK’s best-selling specialist magazines and provided high-street chains with creative content to help them engage with new audiences.

A lot of companies marketing themselves play it far too safe when producing content. They worry about turning people off when their audience is actually desperate to sink their teeth into something new, different, juicy and fun.

The best content is dripping with wit; full of personality with creative flair splashing all over the show.

In October 2020, at 36 years of age, I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC). I believe my condition helps me as a writer, and lets me see content angles that others have missed or are worried about approaching.

I believe that being creative with language is by far the best way to grab an audience’s attention whenever you want to grow your business or advertise a project.

I can help you do that, whether you’re a publisher, brand or an agency looking for a reliable, creative freelance writer. Take a look around the site and, if you think we’d be good together, get in touch!

But enough about me...

I want to hear about you and your project. Get in touch!