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John ‘Jonny Meddy’ Meadowcroft

“I run Meddy Media, you see.”

Welcome to Meddy Media

[James Bond voice] “Ah, hello there, we’ve been expecting you!

Hang on, that wasn’t Bond who said that was it, it was GoldenEye. Or was it Blofeld? And which Bond was I, Connery or Clooney?

Anyway, lovely to meet you. My name’s John Meadowcroft, owner of creative writing and content marketing service Meddy Media.

You can talk with me right now through the chatbot floating in the bottom corner of the website. Get in touch and say hi!

What Meddy Media’s all about

I’m a writer with over a decade’s experience in content marketing. I’ve also dipped my toes into journalism and have contributed to some of the UK’s best-selling specialist magazines.

A lot of companies marketing themselves play it far too safe when producing content. They worry about turning people off when their audience is actually desperate to sink their teeth into something new, different and fun.

The best content campaigns are dripping with wit; full of personality with creative flair splashing all over the show. We believe that being creative with language is by far the best way to grab an audience’s attention whenever you want to grow your business or advertise a project.

We can help you do that, whether you’re a brand or an agency looking for a content partner. Take a look around the site and, if you think we’d be good together, get in touch. We have been expecting you, after all…

Creative and journalistic writing

If you’ve made it this far then you must be interested in what we have to say. Time to whip out the big guns; our writers have freelanced for some of the UK’s largest publishing houses over the years, with our scribblings appearing in publications ranging from local blogs and magazines to national brands (that now take pride of place behind British Railway Modelling and Take-a-Break on the stands at WH Smith).

Copywriting and content marketing

Looking to better connect with customers, boost your overall sales potential and more? We provide marketing agencies and brands with copywriting and content marketing services. We’ve worked with HubSpot-accredited agencies and national high-street brands, and can either slip straight into your existing content strategy or cook up a totally bespoke content plan for your needs.

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Our own brands

We love writing so much that, when we aren’t busy with client work, we’re creating and growing our own brands to spread Meddy Media’s own unique creative style far and wide and build our own audiences.

From satirical writing to more serious long-form journalistic features, we’re getting out there and working with amazing local talent to entertain and educate.

PortHub Liverpool logo


PortHub is Liverpool’s finest purveyor of shite, with our origami ship packed full of filthy fake news parking itself at the Royal Albert Dock to report on the absolute state of the city.

A comedy blog, PortHub takes a satirical look at the city of Liverpool with our (made-up) team or reporters.

Wirral Way Social Logo

Wirral Way

Wirral Way is Meddy Media’s local journalism enterprise, with our team writing about the stories that you simply won’t find in Merseyside’s local papers.

We’re committed on-the-ground journalism, hitting the streets of the Wirral to tell the stories of the people who make up the Paradise Peninsula.

Contact Meddy Media

Thanks for having a look around the website. We consider writing projects of any capacity whether it’s a monthly schedule of blogs for an agency or brand, ghostwriting projects, freelance journalism commissions and more.

You can get in touch with our team on-site through our chatbot, by emailing, filling in the contact form or dropping us a line over social media.

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