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My name’s John Meadowcroft, a freelance writer based in the North West.

If you’re a brand or agency looking for a specialist commercial copywriter, or are a publisher looking to freshen up your pool of freelancers, I’ll work with you to create fantastic creative content that your audience will love.

Content marketing

Improve your inbound marketing strategy with creative content designed to attract, inform and entertain. Boost traffic and generate better leads with copy that tells your story and sets you apart from the competition.


Find new stories and get fresh angles on the topics of the day. Set the agenda across the North West and keep people informed in specialist industries with journalism that’s designed around your audience’s reading habits.

Creative writing

Read the stories that aren’t covered by the locals and nationals (and simply don’t exist) with Meddy Media’s creative projects. When I’m not working on commercial projects, I’m building my own blogs, brands and audiences.

About Meddy Media

Hi, my name’s John. Thanks for visiting Meddy Media!

I’ve worked as a journalist, an editor, a copywriter, a content marketer, and created my own brands and blogs for over a decade.

I’m an experienced, professional freelance writer. What’s more I’m open, friendly and fun to work with, and I’d love to work with you.

Find out how I got here and what myself and Meddy Media can bring to your business by clicking on the button below.

Meddy Media is a HubSpot-certified content marketing agency

Meddy Media currently holds a number of HubSpot inbound marketing certifications, including a HubSpot Content Marketing Certification, to be renewed in 2021.

John has worked with some of the leading digital marketing agencies in the UK. The best have all used HubSpot to create and manage inbound and content marketing campaigns.

To prove I’m of a calibre to work alongside them and produce effective content for them and their clients, John has taken HubSpot’s various inbound certifications to prove Meddy Media can speak their language.

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