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Lost for words? I can help. My name’s John Meadowcroft, a freelance writer-for-hire based in the North West. If you’re a news outlet looking for new angles on stories affecting your local community, a brand looking for specialist commercial content or are just looking for a friendly copywriter to collaborate with, I’ll work with you to create fantastic freelance copy that your audience will love.


I’ve worked with publishers to contribute news, features, interviews, reviews and previews to some of the nation’s most well-known specialist magazines, as well as covering stories across the North West for local online platforms.

Content marketing

I’ve worked with agencies and brands of all shapes and sizes to build and action creative content strategies that encourage conversations through blogs, features, interviews, guides and more. I also provide freelance copywriting services.

Creative writing

When I’m not working on commercial projects, I’m working hard building my own blogs and brands for Meddy Media including local news sites to cover unreported local stories, and terrific tales designed to tickle your funny bone.

About Meddy Media

“Hi, my name’s John. Thanks for visiting Meddy Media! I love writing, and have worked over the last 10 years across print and digital forms of media to add as many different writing disciplines and skills to my portfolio as possible.

“I’ve worked as a journalist, an editor, a copywriter, a content marketer, created my own brands and blogs… Find out how I got here and what myself and Meddy Media can bring to your business by clicking on the button below.”

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